Swedish Startup TrueCaller celebrates 1 Million mobile users

Intelligent caller id for the smartphone crowd

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Swedish Startup TrueCaller celebrated it's first million users with a jubilant tweet

TrueCaller First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you .

I remember hearing about TrueCaller about two years ago. I had just gotten an nokia N97 and my colleague mentioned that one (possibly the ONLY one) cool thing about that phone was that you could run this new app that showed who was calling. Caller ID has been a feature on some cellphones in America for a very long time. Not so in Europe. You don't see a caller name with most subscription plans. TrueCaller decided to fill the vacuum with a user friendly app that displays caller info on your smartphone. Name, address and possibly company of the person wishing to talk to you are displayed while the phone rings.

TrueCaller is Available for windows mobile, nokia, android and iphone mobile phones.

TrueCaller were successfull in riding the early user enthusiasm into a wave of phenomenal growth.

Of five people at Scandinavian Startups in Stockholm, 4 have TrueCaller installed, and that says a lot.

Congratulations, TrueCaller!

Here is our exclusive interview with one of TrueCaller's founders, Nami Zarringhalam

TrueCaller Founders:

Alan Mamedi and Nami Zarringhalam. Both former students at KTH, Stockholm, Sweden,  where the duo's  early manifested fascination with the mobile industry brought them together.

Nami: "I remember vividly how we would imagine going to MWC someday as part of job and to be able to check out all the latest phones and services before anyone else could.

This year we attended MWC and also had the great opportunity to present TrueCaller up on stage! It felt like a great -we-have-arrived- moment"

The company:

Together we founded True Software Scandinavia AB in Stockholm Sweden mid 2009 and only months later by the end of 2009 we closed a round of funding by angels and private investors. The money was used to expand the team which today consists of 6 people working full time with business & technology developing as well as social marketing. The investors are a great team with different backgrounds, among others: Joacim Boivie (founder of Mobispine), Magnus Wiberg (co-founder of Pricerunner), Magnus Bergman (co-founder of Parallel Data) and Stefan Lennhammer (founder of Catella group).

 Company idea:

The idea behind True Software Scandinavia and all of its products is to give our users as much information as possible about the people they communicate with.

TrueCaller cost approximately €3 and is available in a "lite" and paid version in Austria, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, USA and Canada. In all other countries of the world, the application is free. The lite version is a user-friendly demo that limits the amount of caller ID you can recieve per month.

Product idea:

Currently we are following through with our vision by connecting users of our app TrueCaller to all the white and yellow pages of the world so that our users can get information about calls from unknown numbers. In addition we connect the users to social networks so that they also get information when they receive calls from their friends and colleagues.

TrueCaller also has two crowd-sourcing elements to it which differentiate it completely from any competitor. The first element is a call filter which enables users to know if a notorious spam caller is calling them by letting the same users rate numbers as spam. The second crowd-sourcing element lets the user share his/her phonebook to get access to search for numbers published by other users. This is specially appreciated in countries where white and yellow pages are not available or simply not good enough, which is increasingly so the further away from the Nordic countries that you get.


Press, milestones and extra materials:


TrueCaller introduced the worlds first Picture Caller ID - 2011/02/09

TrueCaller has over 20 million number lookups per month - 2010/11/22

Alan and Nami are nominated as top 10 web entrepreneurs by Internet Wold - 2010/05/11


Some figures:

On Wed 21/3-2011 Truecaller reached their millionth user.

TrueCaller has approximately 1/3 of its users from the US, 1/3 from Europe and 1/3 from Asia.

While the app has been gaining momentum, in the past 3 months alone there has been an astonishing 132 Million number searches made using the TrueCaller application!