Swedish Startup Tripl.com Announces Funding, Plans To Win Social Travel

Congratulations to the Vacation Relation team!

Scandinavian Startups exclusive, to be followed up with an interview. Press release below.

Tripl.com Announces Funding, Plans To Win Social Travel

Social travel seems to be the next hot trend according to Mike Tisch from Techstars. Tripl.com is planning on winning that battle. The company has secured $300k which its already used to scope up four new team members including a former Yahoo! engineer and another with local event aggregation experience. Although the investors have not been disclosed, they stem from the European travel market and New York City, which might provide a hint where the company is looking to relocate.

The start up originally launched a product this past December under the name of Vacation Relation, but today is starting to unveil their exciting new product. Check out their cool interactive launch page full of HTML5 animations and hidden Easter Eggs. (Even something for you Reddit fans)  

Along with the funding and launch page announcement, the team is doing something very creative and interesting. They are also launching a Kickstarter multimedia project to capture how the worlds of travel and technology are merging to create new social experiences. They will be sending a Go-Pro 3D camera around the world in 30 days and documenting its journey using interactive elements. Not only are they crowd funding the project but they are also crowd casting it, which seems to be a Kickstarter first, by utilizing LaunchRock’s API. If you want to be one of the lucky people to star in the video that will inevitably be used on their homepage, you need to help the project go viral by sharing Tripl.com with your friends and family.

The start up plans to launch their beta within the next few weeks to capture the high travel season. Co-founder Peter Sullivan says, “We have been working on this idea of ‘social and travel’ since 2009 and through iteration and refinement we have realized we’re finally on to something big.” The team continues to learn from their prior mistakes. They are focused on building a product that isn’t reliant on critical mass and provides added value from day one. Their goal is to keep users engaged with the world of travel 365 days a year, even if they don’t have any trips planned. “The thing I’m most excited about is the partner features we are building to allow online travel agencies to sell more products, and to sell them socially.”

Tripl.com is based out of Stockholm, Sweden.