Finnish startup founder2be wants to introduce you to your next startup team.

Founder2be had its public  launch very recently in February.  Their motto is How to start your first start-up. Or second. Or third. 

And the idea is to establish a startup network for would be entrepreneurs.  Today I spoke with founder Oliver Bremer, who has lived in  Finland for 10 years, from Germany. He works with 2 other collaborators, from Finland and Germany, a lot of times via skype. The startup is self-funded.

Oliver had some exciting news - the list of Global partners that Founders2be works with has  been growing at a great pace and significantly increases  their outreach.

In the short time from their launch Founder2be did 2 rounds of private beta, got feedback, implemented a new version, released that last Monday to the pulbic, started working on a Global Alliance Program of organizations supporting startups and innovation  and announced the set of launch partners yesterday. Quite impressive. 

There is a video on the site giving an introduction to their service.  The robots are hilarious, this could be a great mash-up opportunity.

"I would like to do a startup, but for that I need money, lots and lots of money!"

"You are not alone" in the best robotic voice ever. Love it. 

Then there's the answer- 

"Actually you don't need money first. Not at all. What you really need to get started is a good idea and great people to work on it together."   This is where Founder2be comes in.

The launch partners are quite impressive too:

  • Boost Turku, entrepreneurship society sharing knowledge, mentoring startups and building networks, Turku, Finland
  • LaunchSpace, collective of designers, developers and start-ups, Seattle, USA
  • Team Academy, Center of Excellence for Entrepreneurship at JAMK university, Jyväskylä, Finland
  • The Startup Group, an organization for founders and creative minds, Munich, Germany
  • Stream Tampere, society connecting young entrepreneurs, Tampere, Finland
  • Stardust CBS from Copenhagen

Quite a feat for such a short amount of time!

Of course, for any startup networking venture to succeed, you need would-be startups to sign up. Founder2be is busy growing an audience.

Reading about startups is not without its pitfalls - a good example is hacker news at ycombinator - a lot of people simply pretend to be interested in startups but get  lost in the commenting to news that other people make with their startups.  Founder2be aims to concentrate on the people that are ready for the next step.  

Another danger for an early startup is risking pissing off the audience - for example, when you sign up through facebook, they ask for permission to post to your wall and extra information. Facebook is large enough that it can do whatever it wants to it's userbase, to a large degree. That does not mean that users aquired through facebook will not delete your app on a heartbeat if they feel you are spamming them. 

Oliver promised that only one post, stating that you are now a member, is posted to your wall. And then there is the email sign-up option.

So growing the network will be crucial for Founder2be. But that applies to us all. Right now the service is free, but there might be premium features added later.

Right now, the ideas posted on the site range from "Green car sharing for Hotels" to "Multiplayer online game"  and the ubiquitous "iPhone photo app". Who knows what will show up once the incentive of a large userbase and prises are added into the mix.

By connecting founders with innovation hubs, and linking these efforts across countries and continents,  they are hoping to strengthen  ties and  support for start-ups on a global scale. 

If more show up, this could be revolutionary. Let's hope humanity is motivated enough to make use of this resource. 

Oliver has a good plan for the future:

Expand  the Founder2be Global Alliance Program, introduce an Ambassador program, and hold contests for ideas. 

This connects three different channels into what could potentially grow into a large stream of contributors. 

If you are interested in supporting startups in your local community, consider joining the rapidly expanding Global Alliance Program or become an ambassador.

And to finish with the great intoning of the robot form their video : "What is the address of thiiis weebsite? I need to cheeck it oooout":